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Tatiana Pahman, A Helping Hand

Today, Immigration reform is being discussed not only in the White House and Congress. The whole world is participating in the discussion of how to change working Legislation and what kind of problems still exist in the proposed laws. 12 million illegal immigrants and millions of legal immigrants still have numerous questions. Meanwhile life goes on and reality forces people to live with the old existing laws. Because it is really difficult to understand and use these laws people are forced to seek help from the lawyers. The question is not where to get a lawyer, but how to find the most experienced and professional one?

I would like to introduce to you attorney Tatiana Pahman. Her mother was also an attorney and director of juridical department and Tatiana from her childhood was dreaming about this profession. In 1988, while already working as an attorney for 12 years, she emigrated with her family from Kharkov to the United States. In America attorney Pahman had graduated from the Fordham University getting Diplomas with honors and passed the bar exam to practice as an attorney. But this did not stop her professional education. All the time she is studying legal literature, attending legal lectures and taking new exams in order to perfect her education and experience. Walls in her office today can hardly contain all the diplomas and certificates that she possesses. Tatiana Pahman is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, holder of Diplomas of the Department of Justice, admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of New York, Federal Courts- U.S. District Court-Southern District of the State of New York and U.S. District Court-Eastern District of the State of New York.

What is the uniqueness of her legal experience and why people with different backgrounds, religious believes and ethnicity seeking her help and representation? Main pride of Tatiana Pahman is many years of experience as an advocate of defending and representing people and as a government servant, Asylum officer, at the Immigration Services (USCIS) wherein she was interviewing potential candidates for political asylum). Tatiana loves people and every case she takes not formally as a job, but with understanding of difficult human destinies. Her warm heart, intelligence, and special approach to clients’ needs have earned her a reputation as a knowledgeable and respected attorney.

Attorney Pahman have been gaining her legal experience in the United States gradually: first, at the prestigious Manhattan’s law firm of Wilents, Goldman and Spitzer, then, at HIAS, where she was the first Russian-speaking immigration consultant. She has helped hundreds of immigrants from the different countries of the Former Soviet Union. It was very difficult time because immigration through Vienna and Italy was ceased to exist and thousands of immigrants were filing for political asylum through HIAS. She was faced with many human’s tragedies and with swindle of some immigration service centers who was taking money and giving fake documents to people, and with bureaucracy of some officials. That is why it was more enjoyable to hear the words of gratitude from happy clients. Later she was working as an Asylum Officer for INS, Immigration and Naturalization Service, (now known as USCIS) where she conducted interviews with seekers of political asylum.

In 1998, Immigration and Naturalization Service sent Tatiana to the foreign business trip. Leaving Moscow in 1989, deprived of the Soviet citizenship, she did not even imagine that she would come back to the Sheremetievo Airport, Moscow 9 years later and with diplomatic passport. She was working at the American Embassy in Moscow, conducting 12 interviews a day with potential seekers for refugee status in the United States. The work was interesting and helpful.

Coming back to America, she continued working as an Asylum Officer at INS. She worked in both Asylum offices- New Jersey and New York (Queens) interviewing political asylum seekers from all over the world. On many occasions she worked in the immigration detention centers - first, as a government representative and then, as an attorney, defending interests of her clients. It is not accidentally that in the documentary film “Well-Founded Fear” about asylum seekers in the United States, produced by the famous film-makers Shari Robertson and Michael Camerini, she was featured as knowledgeable and intelligent officer.

Tatiana Pahman has 30 years of legal experience where 18 years is immigration practice. Therefore, it is not surprising that many clients frequently place their last hope in her experienced hands. Even quick glance on problems handled by the attorney Tatiana Pahman give an idea of her successful practice. Deportation hearings and appeals, complaints on officials and help in obtaining US citizenships and green cards (including representation at Garden City, 26 Federal Plaza and New Jersey), interviews for green-cards based on marriage and political asylum apparently not the full list of her every day practice. Add to this help- filing for working visas from employers and visas for people with extraordinary abilities, consultations and inquiries, now you will be able to understand many reasons of attorney Tatiana Pahman’s popularity.

Among her clients you can find many different people: music composer from Israel, circus performer from Russia, artist from Ukraine; political asylum seekers-oppositionists from Belarus, Russians from Middle East and Baltic Republic, Jews from Moldova and Russia, Baptists and Jehovah Witnesses. Tatiana is excellent litigator who professionally takes stand in Courts and debates with opposite sides. In order to win a case and to assure persecution from different countries she often uses help of country experts.

Besides Immigration Tatiana Pahman practice Real Estate and Business law, handles Wills, helps in reviewing and drafting contracts, commercial litigations and all questions of Matrimonial and Family law (divorces, custody, pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements and child support).

Do not place your problem into dead end. Call the professional!

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